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Cabernet, Friday, Oh Hey!

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

For those that have been surrounded by me know I love wine. When I first started out, I was an avid white wine drinker. I drank it mostly for the taste, chilled affect, and sweet robustness. Something sparked and my taste buds that changed for what I believe were the absolute best. I moved my way into dry whites but would spit at the smell of any reds. As I got older, the driest reds I could find swiftly became my best friend and whites are more of a go to if someone offers. In this post I will share my ideas for red wines, what meals to pair them with, which are best in my book,

on which days to have specific reds, and lastly reds you wouldn’t most likely think paired so well with certain foods. Let’s start with Monday. Okay, we all know that Monday‘s are tough but it’s what you make it right? From that rough start to get out of bed, to finally making it home, I recommend a nice Merlot. Merlot is actually my favorite among all reds. It’s old, bold, and full bodied. Pair this wine with a good red meat, red sauce, or any dark food that exudes dark flavor. On the contrary, believe it or not, this wine also goes well with light foods. I recommend this with a nice salmon salad, or chicken pasta. Let’s move into the middle of the week, Tuesday through Thursday. This is your “pick me up” time frame. I recommend a decent Malbec. Although Malbec is sharper than Merlot, it’s actually less dense which in most cases should be correlated to your mid week. This one can be tricky but if done right, you feel like you’ve made all th right moves. Although great with red meats, I prefer this one with lighter sauces. Malbec’s are phenomenal with homemade chicken or turkey pot pies, potatoes, and even garden salads. Again, its much smoother so the vibe is right. Friday, this is the start to your weekend so you more than likely want to relax and reflect from the busy week. I know I do. Cabernet is my go to as it has a smooth velvet finish with notes and currants such as licorice and berries to name a few. Don‘t be fooled, while smooth, this one can sneak up on you which is a great way to end the work week and start the weekend. This one goes great with beef or ground turkey tacos, chili, and steak. Make sure you eat what you can because this one will take effect before you know it. Lastly, Saturday and Sunday. I recommend a red blend especially for Sunday. You’ve completed your errands and tasks hopefully and need to settle down. The reason I recommend this one is simply put, red blend. It’s a blend of several red wines which resembles a busy week. Mixed and slightly confused. This one tends to be smooth but gets to you fast which is great because most of us are ready to head to bed as soon as possible any way. I typically pair this one with any food item since its body is so diverse. Of course, I promote drinking responsibly so my suggestion would be to pick and choose the days that need attention most and grab that bottle. Monday’s, Friday’s, and Sunday’s are my wine days. It’s a perfect mix from start, end of the work week, to end of the week. Test it out and let me know what you think.

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