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Dealing with Stress In The Work Place

Work is work! As most people say, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s face it, even when working in our careers that we love and devote to and don’t consider work, we still get stressed. Stress in the workplace as you may know, can vary from how you’re feeling, coworkers, castmates, production, and by great impact the vibe. Stress and work are like Bonnie and Clyde. They go hand-in-hand and will result in some anecdote. The main objective here is not how to avoid this temporary situation, but rather how to handle it first thing. First things‘ first, know your rights. When I say rights, I’m talking about a break. A nice little time out for yourself. Not just a lunch break but a big fat 10 minute break. Use that time to zen and free up that headspace to work more efficiently. Most will regurgitate something as follows, ”Well I didn’t know or know I had the right to, or “I’ve just been so busy and it’s only me working”. It’s more respected and absolutely fine to utilize this right as it belongs to you! Here‘s what happens when you don’t take time to yourself. The stress will build up and surface, leading to hostility both personally and professionally in which does not show the real you. The next stages of this stress will leave you confused and question why you’re so angry, sad, depressed, hostile or wherever the stress leads you. The final stages to the stress impacts your health. Everyone knows that when you’re doing what you love and have to put whatever it is on hold for your health’s sake, it adds MORE stress. Next, I advise to talk with someone at work. Someone trustworthy enough but by all means do not share all your business or stressors if you do not want to. Hearing another voice or even expressing yourself out loud instead of in your head just may feel like an actual weight has been lifted off of you. Lastly, taking it all out. Find that someone in your personal life to vent it all out on the table. This someone should be a great listener, shares mutual respect for secrecy, and understands boundaries. It’s important to take care of yourself. Don’t let something as simple as talking no matter how hard it may be, be the reason for a multitude of health issues. Feel free to shoot me an email or let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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