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Feeling Blue? Where About Are You?

How are you feeling today? Sad, depressed, moody, un-eased, overwhelmed? All of these words make up the meaning of feeling blue. In life, we go through these trails unknowingly that lead us to these feelings. I used to think that certain situations left me feeling blue when in reality, it was the situation that led me there. What left me feeling blue was where I was in life. I reached a point where I put other things before my dreams and life’s goals. I put work before my agent, auditions, photographers and so on. When I started to realize after auditioning that I wasn’t booking, it left me feeling blue. It left me feeling blue because I was putting a job before myself and my dreams while working hard to make others‘ dreams come true and continue to arise. That is where I was in life and I’m still trying to crawl out of it. I’ve spent many days, afternoons, and nights sickened with myself to work hard for someone else but not for me. I’ve watched others’ around me begin to fulfill their dreams and aspirations while I’ve felt as if I’ve fallen behind. Now, I've never felt obliged to compare myself and never will, but my feelings are my feelings. I was once told by my acting coach through conversation, "sometimes in life, we have to do a little house cleaning." That was yet another wake up call for me. But the kind of wake up call where I actually wake up and live my life for me. If you're feeling blue, remember, take a look where you are in life and start house cleaning. Start small as we all should, room by room. Who knows? Maybe house cleaning could lead to a lighter spring dusting. Let me know your thoughts.

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