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Feeling Stuck? Unsure Of What’s Ahead?

Let’s face it, no one wants to feel lost, scared, and forgotten about. Everyone wants to succeed at something if not EVERYTHING. It is believed by some that when one finds themselves at a crossroads, they not only need to make a simple choice but a leap out on faith, which can be a major one. Taking a look at a broad definition of leap out on faith. The term is spoken when one entrusts their craft to bear moving forward with high beliefs to a better future. At this point YOU are your biggest fan, advocate, promoter. When you take that leap out on faith it’s okay to feel lost as this comes natural not knowing what the future holds. You trust yourself enough to know it will work out and the reward will be grand. Taking that leap out on faith is a major choice and can feel scary. Your sentiments are what keep you pushing even if you’re on autopilot, just keep going. You’re most likely moving in the correct direction anyhow. Taking that leap out on faith can also leave someone feeling forgotten about. This happens to be one of those feelings no one wants to experience as it correlates with feelings of rejection. When you’ve chosen this path, just know not everyone will have their ticket ready to board with you. Some have genuinely very few adherents in their corners or, none at all. Don’t let this stop you from your aspirations and dreams. Remember, YOU are your biggest supporter and must always know your self worth because it’s what will get you where you’ve always seen yourself.

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