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Fellas, Halloween's upon us!

Let's be honest, Halloween, it's fun and everything but is it for children only? I think NOT! Christmas is not only for children to open presents under the Christmas tree. Although, Christmas is not really meant to be focused on the gifts, you get the idea here. Halloween is a great holiday to showcase your extra creative side. I will say I haven't dressed up for Halloween in well over a decade but this year I've decided to change that. When it comes to costumes of choice, allow me to provide some suggestions. If you're struggling to find that perfect costume, especially last minute, you don't have to cut up your bed sheets or glue brown paper bags together anymore. Only if you want to. Try this rather, if you find yourself doing something more on the habitual side, then dig deeper into your talents. For example, let's say your credit card has declined more than six times this month. Would you say a ripped AMEX would suffice? Now that may be a bit extreme or my slight dry humor has kicked in, maybe not, but as you can see I'm on to something here. In my opinion, I find the best costumes are the ones you either naturally do in your lives or dream of naturally doing. That's what my costume is all about this year. I won't say here so you'll have to just see on my Instagram page. Guys, What are your thoughts on Halloween and dressing up? Let me know! I want to see who or what you've dressed up as this year.

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