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Goal Setter or Goal Achiever: NYE Edition

New year new me. We’ve all heard or have been guilty of saying this. I’ve always set goals for myself in my earlier years but have fallen into human tradition of putting those goals on the back burner until I’ve resided as new year same me. AKA, bona fide goal setter. But lately within the past couple of years or so I’ve been tackling my goals firsthand. Some of my New Years‘ goals I’ve been able to achieve before the new year has begun. I wanted to speak on achieving your goals. Setting goals is always great as you already know, and a great start, but there’s more to it. The way I’ve been able to achieve most of my goals is simply by action. I go by the visions in my mind and try not to stop until I’ve placed that green check mark next to my completed goal. Yes, I actually have a written/ typed out check list. I believe this is important. Life must go on and we must progress. If we’re meant to stick where we are, then I’m not sure if we’d have a new year. It would be weird to wake up everyday as seasons changed and holidays came and went but without a date. I’m my opinion achieving your goals are far more important than seeing or showing what you can do physically. It’s stimulating! I believe it puts you in a positive place mentally, emotionally, geographically, and wherever else you need to be. Go out and achieve! It should be another thing that means the world to you! Happy New Year from me to you! Where will you be for the countdown as we welcome in the New Year?

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