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To Care? Or, To Over Care?

Happy Autumn to you all. Today’s topic is going to revolve around the sensitivity of caring for one’s feelings. This one is VERY sensitive and can be put into many perspectives only because at such a young age, our feelings become one with ourselves so quickly. Most of us were all taught at some point to say “please don’t do or say that, I do have feelings”. Where I’m going with this is from such a young age our feelings have become and will always remain both spot on and perplexed. Our feelings come in waves so much, we’re left with no other choice but to care. To care for our own feelings but what seems most important, others’ feelings. However, the question in the moment is asked, is it possible to over care? Feelings can be so strong that at times we as individuals, project those feelings onto others that we exude this overwhelming case of “over-caring”. This in return, can come off as negative. I recently ran into a situation where I’d run into a positive situation that I wanted to face alone. I really didn’t have any other choice. Several people came to me and expressed their concerns and how much they care for my safety. Their feelings of care or over-care were so strong that neither one of them expressed gratitude for my happiness. Their over-caring feelings in a way, came off as negative. Did I still go through with my positive situation? Yes I did, and I’m fine today. I say all this to say, it’s okay to care. It’s okay to care for one’s self, for others’ feelings and journeys. But what’s not okay, is to project our fears or negativity on ourselves or others and justify our actions by saying “I just care, that’s all”. Not everyone is so strong willed so, it’s okay to care because it’s natural. However, let’s not forget no matter what, to stand by or at least praise the positive journeys within one’s self and others.

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