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What To Do When Things Aren't Going Your Way

Okay everyone, this topic is a touchy yet relatable one. It’s harder for me to post this entry simply because I’m very hard on myself and find it extremely hard to follow my own advice. I wanted to take this moment to share my thoughts and suggestions on how to handle stressful situations when things have gone awry. The main objective here is to try and change your way of thinking as well as my own. Let’s face it, we're all in this together! So, things haven't happened either in order, as soon as, right after that next milestone, or even better, when you've prayed for it as it happened in your head. STOP! It is okay. Listen, my last sentence is very hard to hear. I feel as if I am stuttering in my head while completing this entry. The struggle is real when things don’t go our way however; in MOST cases, things turn out better than we've expected. This most likely sounds cliché until we stop and realize, we don’t address this issue as much as we should. Since I’m decent with examples, I’ll start there. You’ve gone apartment shopping and have exhausted your self entirely these last six months to a year and possibly beyond. Now, you've found the perfect place with 90 to 100% of your list met. You were so sure the place was yours, but you didn’t get it. No one wants to start a whole new search but in reality, if you’re looking for a new place you have no other choice. What’s done is done right? Let’s put a spin on this situation. You've come to terms and are ready to deal with this matter. You do not take "no" for an answer and something amazing happens. Your approved! OK, so what’s my point? My point is while not every situation we fight hard for will not turn out this way, we have that choice to either sulk or handle and move on. Now returning to what I’ve said before about a better outcome. Most would think that getting the place you've wanted was the same outcome. But was it? Not necessarily, only because in your journey it wasn’t planned to be denied and go through the process to fight so hard. Remember, dealing with things head on will always be hard, but putting things off may seem easy but in reality requires more energy. Do it afraid right? Feel free to comment or send me an email. Please don’t forget to subscribe and let me know your thoughts!

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