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Is NO The New YES?

By now we’re all familiar with the term “orange is the new black”. For me, I’ve always understood that black was always the go to or the norm to be exact and choosing something else outside of the norm was classified as now trending. More like an idiom. The main question in this feature resides, is no the new yes? I believe we’ve become so comfortable or normalized rather, to say no to a lot of things that come our way. Remember, you don’t always have to say the word no to decline yourself. I’ve found myself in many situations (and sometimes still do), with responses such as “I‘ll do that after”. My favorite response I’ve heard was “That sounds excitable, let me think about it”, whilst their body language has already said no before completion of the question. That’s what saying no is, the norm. Now there are many situations where “yea that sounds awesome, I’ll hit you up later”, sound like a yes but never follow through which in turn is still a no. I get it, we cannot always say yes to everything trust me I don’t. I am however actively working on this and lately, I’ve found saying yes more to opportunities that have come across my way has provided me that balance I’ve been looking for in my life. This blog can be cross referenced to one of my previous blogs “Feeling Blue? Where About Are You”? The correlation between both blogs is self home cleaning. When one is in a place of the norm and uncomfortability, self changes may be the first step to saying yes to a lot more of what you know you can achieve in life. If you’re ready for that balance, then open up your closet and bring out your broom and dust pan.

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